Speaking Engagements

As part of my attempt to provide a positive influence for student-athletes, I offer speaking engagements for teams, classes, student groups, and more.

I speak about my experiences growing up as a competitive student-athlete, and how those experiences have helped to shape me as I progressed through college and beyond. I share what I did to help me become both the Valedictorian of one of the largest high schools in my state, while also being a three-sport captain and being selected as an All-State football player.

The exact topics are tailored to the audience, but some of the particular themes that I cover are:

  • Overcoming obstacles and using these experiences to your advantage
  • The importance of prioritization
  • Mentorship and role models
  • How athletics can help you be a better student, and vice versa
  • Building skills to help with the transitions from high school to college, and then college into adult life
  • How competitive experiences early in life help to build a competitive advantage later

For more information, contact me at bbartneck@gmail.com.