I’m Brandon Bartneck, and I run this site on the side while also working in Business Development at FEV, which is a global company that provides engineering services to help develop future mobility solutions.

Growing up, sports played a crucial role in my life. I took my academic and athletic performance seriously, and was fortunate enough to graduate from one of the largest high school’s in the state of Michigan as a three-sport captain, All-State football player, and my class’s Valedictorian. After high school, I elected not to further pursue my competitive athletic career and I studied Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Business at the University of Michigan.

Throughout my time in college, and now during the last few years as I’ve transitioned into adult life, I’ve continually come back to my past experiences to help me learn how to address new situations. Sports started as my go-to since so many of the lessons they can teach obviously apply to other aspects of life, but I’ve also seen that seemingly different fields such as house renovations and contract negotiations can share similar themes.

This blog is my attempt to process, and learn from, the challenges that I face while also hopefully providing some sort of insight or motivation that others can use in their own lives.

Given my background, I originally thought that this blog would only apply to student-athletes. My mix of past academic and athletic success helps to make me unique, and it seemed like that was where the greatest impact could come from.

But as I’ve progressed and my audience has grown, I’ve learned that the struggles I face aren’t unique at all. The things that challenged me as an athlete are largely the same things that challenge a musician, or an artist, or just about anyone else who is trying to master a craft.

Same thing with my job. I’m in sales in the engineering field, which seems like an obscure niche. But when I talk with friends in seemingly very different fields (such as the medical field or finance) I’ve been surprised to hear how much overlap there is.

And beyond that, I’m a human like everyone else. To some degree, the daily struggles we all face are more or less the same.

So please, take a look around my site. If you have any questions, or if you just want to say hi, you can reach me at bbartneck@gmail.com.

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